Membership Management Software

HexaTech has designed MMS – Membership Management Software specially for

Associations & Chambers
The software is built in multi-threaded system.

Membership Maintenance Software helps you to handle the critical database by :
Maintaining basic Database of Members such as Name, Membership No, old/ new addresses, contact information any changes additions and cancellation of membership etc.
Tracking collection of Annual Fees / subscription from Members and maintaining the historic record . Software has facility to modify and record any changes to fee structure and annual carry over of database for this purpose.
Generating / printing the Members’ List based on some specific criteria on periodic basis.
Selection, sorting and search from Membership Database based on various classification / grouping as may be required at your end from time to time.
Software has report generator which help you to Auto Generate Collective Communication such as letters / emails / notices / reminders etc to all Members / Group of Members. From the reports you can also print labels with Members’ full address and details for mailing purpose.
The Software has facility of Exporting the required records to Excel. This facilitates to utilize the Database for Events & Seminars.
The SMS facility has been built-in in the software which will be very useful for communicating for events, seminars, meetings etc.

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