e-Reports - Online Reporting Software for Diagnostic Center, Pathology Laboratories & Health Care Centers. The Online system of reporting is user friendly & menu driven with Individual interface for referral Doctor’s. The e-Reports can be attached to existing website or can be used separately.

e-Reports has three Segments Administrator, Referral Doctor’s, Patients. Administrator Panel enables to manage the Portal with uploading the reports for Referral/ associate Doctor’s & Patients. The reports intimation is communicated to Doctor’s & Patient by SMS alerts & Automated Email. Patient can access the reports with PassKey through the Web Portal. The e-Reports system enables easy & effective communication with Patients & Referral Doctor’s. Along with the system the Web Portal will be utilized extensively.

Features of Online Report Management
Report uploading facility in Doc, JPG & Pdf format
Automated Email System
Report SMS facility to Doctor’s
Referral Doctor’s referral cases Analysis
Auto SMS Passkey to Patient with intimation of report uploading

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