Blood Bank Management System

MediSeva is Blood Bank Management System, readily scalable and adaptable to meet the complex need of Blood Banks Who are Key Facilitator for the Healthcare Sector, it also supports all the functionalities of Blood Bank.

Features of Blood Bank Management Software
Generating reports on Stocks – Blood Group wise, Area wise and Expiry date wise
Donor Database – Blood Group wise and Area wise
Maintain and update Unique Donor Identifications
Complete Key Consumables Inventory Management
Track and maintain all the Donor Types – Voluntary, Exchange and Directed
Improve the Effectiveness and efficiency of Blood Bank – Faster Response Time and Better Control
Accurate database / Record Management
Blood Cross Match and Result Storage Facility
Digital Record archival backup and restoring facility – Better House keeping and Record Maintenance
Rejected Donor Database for Donor Control and Identification – Blood Transfusion related disease control and prevention
Searched Facility for Destroyed and Expired Blood
Comprehensive Donor database with Search Facility
Unique Donor Id and Patient record Id for managing future list
Improve Blood Bank processes by providing efficient and continuous software support

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